two moth songs

by porn moth

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released June 7, 2013




all rights reserved


porn moth Grantham, Pennsylvania

like a shitty meme but louder

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Track Name: having fun

everything is fine
life just keeps getting better n better
everything is fucked
as hard as the cement my heaven

drifting on
the scent of yr first kiss
it was exciting and you missed
and she hated you for the rest of yr life
but thaaats not that long
and yr not that consequential
after all you're just a dot
and you'll probably disappoint yourchildren too

have you ever really known when to smile?

and she'll die
and you'll die
you'll never die

having FUN
good times w friends i'm about that life
if i had friends i'd have a good life
if i had a better life i'd have a good life

lets just stop trying
maybe then she'll stop crying
maybe then i can stop lying
as long as the cement surrounding my heaven

have you ever really known when to smile?
Track Name: length
total erasure is calling
the weight of a g*n in my hand
a samurai sword in my body
she's moving from left to right

the movements were calming
the lithium is empty now
i'm laying down soft
will you put yr heel on my temple
crush me with distance and
dance like you're dancing for me
say dumb things into my ear

listen alone to casper so friendly
we break out in cries but our mouths' forgetful bending
sends stupid shit out like ghostly tongues forgetting
that art also happens in your hands